Anna Carewe & Oli Bott Duo: Time Travel
Cello meets Vibraphone - Classical meets Jazz

Anna Carewe: Violoncello, Oli Bott: Vibraphone
CV Anna Carewe - CV Oli Bott

The cello and vibraphone take you on a musical journey through time from the Medieval until the present with excursions into Jazz and Improvisation. Compositions by Ciconia, Ortiz, Bach, Vivaldi, Satie, Britten, Ellington and Piazolla.

  Anna Carewe and Oli Bott present music without boundaries: Classical, Popular, Baroque, Contemporary, new compositions and improvisations. They break down the barriers between genres and epochs and tempt the public to relish in new sounds and to experience familiar ones from an unfamiliar perspective.

"An effortless leap through the centuries: the combination of vibes and cello harmonizes marvellously" Kölnische Rundschau

  Contact: Oli Bott, Thiesstr. 26, 13086 Berlin, +49 30 41724848, +49 178 7291002,  
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